My name is Shayl Majithia.

I am a Maths teacher.

I enjoy cycling, eating and travelling.

I have managed to get myself settled into a career and have only forty years until retirement, I’m off to cycle around the world.

5 thoughts on “Me”

  1. Dear Shayl, We wish you the very best of luck, interest, enjoyment and satisfaction. We know how quickly the 40 years you speak of until retirement will flash past – so off you go and savour the adventure! Take care of yourself and come home safely with lots of stories and tales of this special experience……have you considered writing a book about it? There’s another challenge! We shall be following your progress and look forward in that way to ‘sharing’ something of your ride. Love from us both.

  2. Shayl,

    I have just begun to follow your progress. I have been taking your Year 9 Maths class for the last 11 weeks (as supply). The students mentioned you and what you are seeking to do and we brought up your website on the classroom screen to view your progress. I want to pass on the best wishes of your students … especially Emman, Betty, Hasan, Zaheed, Tyreek, Amelia, Buket, Reah, Tawheed, Courtney and Dominic.

    Mr.Norris (supply teacher at Cheney)

  3. Shayl,

    I really enjoyed talking with you today, and hearing a very condensed version of your adventure. I wish there had been more time, because my wife and I would have liked to hear more about your travels.

    I hope that you will enjoy the remainder of your journey in Canada and the U.S

    Safe Travels,

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